Finger Lakes Wine Tours and Packages

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If you and your friends are looking to enjoy one of the Finger Lakes’ many famous wine tours, book a shuttle at Keuka Taxi today! Our wine tour package allows you to enjoy all the great wineries along the trail at an amazing price. Our drivers are extremely friendly and know their way around the area, so you’ll be sure to have a great time.


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About the Keuka Taxi Wine Tour

Traveling the Finger Lakes wine trails with Keuka Taxi is an exciting way to spend the weekend with your friends. We start offering wine tours in the spring and continue through the summer. During the spring, the off-season allows you to have a more personal experience as you are more likely to enjoy a conversation during the owner and winemakers during your tasting experience. The summer is a busy time of year for wineries in the area, but it also allows you to enjoy the warm, breezy atmosphere around the Finger Lakes.

$65.00/per person - you must be at least 21 years of age

Ticket only includes transportation costs; you must still purchase a ticket from the venue


Our Wine Tour Package Includes:

Seneca Lake Wine Trail

The Seneca Lake Wine Trail was formed in 1986 and includes a rich community of 35 wineries, a distillery, two cider producers, two breweries and meadery. The area around Seneca Lake makes the ideal atmosphere for growing grapes because of the deep water in the lake and the sloping hillsides. The topography of the area fosters the growth of native grapes, delicate species and even premium hybrids, creating a diverse flavor profile.


The Seneca Lake Wine Trail includes:

  • Ravines Wine Cellars
  • Belhurst Estate Winery
  • White Springs Winery
  • Fox Run Vineyards
  • Serenity Vineyards
  • Seneca Shore Wine Cellars
  • Anthony Road Wine Company
  • Prejean Winery
  • Torrey Ridge Winery
  • Earle Estates Meadery
  • Miles Wine Cellars
  • Villa Bellangelo
  • Fruit Yard Winery
  • Hickory Hollow Wine Cellars
  • Glenora Wine Cellars
  • Fulkerson Winery
  • Rock Stream Vineyards
  • Lakewood Vineyards
  • Castel Grisch Winery
  • Catharine Valley Winery
  • R. Dill Winery
  • Atwater Estate Vineyards
  • Chateau Lafayette Reneau
  • Leidenfrost Vineyards
  • Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards
  • Penguin Bay Winery
  • Standing Stone Vineyards
  • Bagley’s Poplar Ridge Vineyards
  • Caywood Vineyards
  • Wagner Vineyards
  • Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars
  • Boundary Breaks Vineyard
  • Zugibe Vineyards
  • Three Brothers Wineries & Estates
  • Ventosa Vineyards


Keuka Taxi offers transportation packages for the following trail events:

Smokin’ Summer Kickoff – Celebrate summer in the Finger Lakes with delicious wine and food pairings! The experience includes a self-guided tour through the 24 participating wineries around Seneca Lake with samples of grilled foods and summertime favorites.


Deck the Halls – Two separate weekends, two separate ways to enjoy Seneca Lake wineries during the holiday season! You and your friends will enjoy visiting participating wineries that are specially decorated for the holiday season and the many delicious holiday wine and food pairings. Participants will also receive a recipe book and a handmade grapevine wreath that you can decorate with unique ornaments you collect from the participating wineries.


Keuka Lake Wine Trail

With over 30 years of rich history and a diverse group of wineries, you’ll be sure to enjoy what the Keuka Lake Wine Trail has to offer. The Keuka Lake area sparked a renaissance in winemaking in the mid-nineteenth century because it was the location where the first Vinifera vines were planted. When you visit each winery on the trail, you’ll not only enjoy the extensive selection of vintages of Vinifera, Hybrid and Native wines, but you’ll also enjoy the unique character of each winery and the breathtaking view of Keuka Lake and all its surroundings.

The Keuka Lake Wine Trail includes:

  • Heron Hill Winery
  • Keuka Spring Vineyards
  • Hunt Country Vineyards
  • McGregor Vineyards
  • Vineyard View Winery